Why Email Marketing is a No-Brainer for Small Businesses


Consumers Prefer Email

The number one reason why email marketing is a no-brainer for companies is because consumers prefer email. Most small businesses are working with limited marketing budgets, which means that they can’t waste time with marketing tactics that won’t resonate well with their target market. While social media has become a popular way for small businesses to communicate with their audience, brands sometimes just can’t get the organic reach they are looking for through these channels. However, social media isn’t the only answer. Email also provides a professional and direct medium that allows businesses to reach out to their leads and customers.

What’s more is that most consumers actually prefer to communicate with brands through email. The most probable reason is because it is permission based. The people on your list actually signed up because they want to get updates from you. They’re interested in learning more about your brand including your promotions and discounts. And that alone makes email marketing such an effective strategy to reach your consumers. In fact, one study from Marketing Sherpa reports that 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional messages through email.

The only way to know for sure what types of content resonate with your unique target audience is to track the success of your email campaigns over time. Track metrics such as open rates, click through rates, and conversions to see which types of content your subscribers respond to best. Unsubscribe rate patterns can also help you better understand what types of content your audience is not so interested in.

Email Helps You Reach More Mobile Consumers

It’s no secret that today’s consumer has become increasingly more mobile, proving yet another reason why email marketing is ideal for reaching your customer. Though not all consumers shop from their smartphone, many will check their email from these devices. In fact, reading and sending emails is one of the most popular activities for smartphone users, beating out web browsing, the Facebook app, and even apps for maps or directions.

More and more consumers are going mobile every day. If you want to catch the attention of this growing audience, your small business should invest in email marketing that’s optimized for mobile device users.

Email Marketing has More Features

Social media marketing may be a hit now but we can’t deny the fact that it has its own limitations. For instance, social media posts and ads have limited characters and fields. You need to convey your message in a short, concise manner so as not to violate the social media ads’ requirement. On the other hand, emails are more interactive. You can use the full features of.php. And you can also personalize the content. Plus, the media that you can include is unlimited.

Email Marketing is Affordable

Most small businesses are working with a limited budget, which means that they need to find the most affordable ways to reach and engage their audience. Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing tactic that takes very little investment to get started. Additionally, it is also relatively inexpensive to maintain over time, allowing small businesses to get more for their marketing spend.Email marketing is versatile, allowing small business owners to integrate this tactic into their other digital marketing campaigns like social media.

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